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Get Your Shopping Done Early - Our Ulitmate 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Ed's Plant Shop

Get Your Shopping Done Early - Our Ulitmate 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to sprinkle some joy into a gardener's life this holiday season? Get ready to dig into Ed's Holiday Gift Guide, where we've unearthed the perfect treasures for the green-thumbed enthusiasts in your life! From tools that make digging a delight to quirky accessories that add a dash of whimsy to their garden sanctuary, our curated collection is a haven for anyone who delights in nurturing nature. So, put on your gardening gloves and let's explore the ultimate gifts that'll have your favorite gardener blooming with happiness!

Affordable Gifts For Gardeners

Modern Concrete Planters: These planters are stylish, functional, and will take a little attention away from whatever plant you decide to place inside. We love these because they're so pretty, and will fit into just about any decor. 

Bucket Caddy: Transform a cheap 5 gallon bucket into a workhorse with this bucket caddy. Stash all of your gardening goodies in the ample pockets and never go searching for a missing hoe again! (PS - it's on sale!) 

Germination Plates: Start your cuttings with ease with one of our top selling items, a handcrafted germination plate. Just add a jar with water and watch those roots take off before your very eyes!

.9 Liter Galvanized Watering Can: You don't need a huge watering can for sprinkling a little water on your houseplants, do you? This compact watering can is perfect for indoor use and comes in an array of colors!

Hori Hori UltimateThe hori hori is the ultimate multitool for any gardener, combining the versatility of a knife and a trowel in one sturdy and reliable instrument. We carry one on our person at all times, we suggest you do the same.

Affordable Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Work Gloves By Barebones: These gloves are perfect for the gardener in your life that might not be keen on breaking or dirtying their nails. Made of fabulous hide, these are certain to last for years. Available in Mustard, Cognac, and Olive

Olla by Pepin: These are a thoughtful gift for any gardener, providing an efficient and eco-friendly way to water plants by delivering moisture directly to the roots. Take the guess work out of watering and gift an olla! Several colors available. 

Pruning Shears By Jungle Club: These stylish, ergonomic, and super functional shears are a staple in the shop! Give the gift of comfortable snipping with these, and we promise the recipient won't lose them! (maybe) 

Plant Themed Keychains: What do you grab daily, several times a day? Your keys! Why not jazz them up a little bit with a little foliage, to remind the gift recipient how much they love plants. Stickers and hats also available!

Dried Flower Bouquets: Don't waste your money on live flowers that will wilt and die within a few days, invest in flowers that keep on flowering. Our selection of dried flowers will last an eternity. 

Affordable Gifts For Gardeners

Animal Self Watering Devices: We all know that one friend that has a plant that looks like it could use a drink of water. Gift one of these and don't worry about passive aggressively asking to water your friends plants ever again! 

Nitrile Gardening Gloves: These lightweight gloves are perfect to stuff into a stocking or wrap and leave under the tree. The nitrile make the fingers nimble, while still protecting from dirt and grime. 

Handy Dandy Soil Scoop: Step up the gardening game with this handy dandy soil scoop. Quit using an old fast food cup and elevate your tool collection with this perfectly sized soil scoop instead!

Plant Animals Of Brass: Give a little sparkle to your gift recipient with one of these adorable plant animals. Made of lightweight brass, these can dangle, hang, or sway from any houseplant without doing any damage. 


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