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We're Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary at Ed's Plant Shop - Ed's Plant Shop

We're Celebrating Our 3 Year Anniversary at Ed's Plant Shop

When Ed had the idea of starting a plant shop from scratch, he knew it was going to be a challenging endeavor. A plant shop requires extensive knowledge about plants, sourcing quality inventory, creating a visually appealing space, and building a loyal customer base. Additionally, the plant shop business in Brooklyn is highly competitive, requiring continuous adaptation to market trends and seasonal demands. It's not just about selling pretty plants. 

Aside from maintaining healthy plants, there is also managing inventory and providing customer service that can't be beat. With these challenges and requirements in mind, Ed stepped up to the plate and swung for the fences. Seldom if ever does a small business hit a home run in the first swing, but slowly and surely the home runs are coming more often and Ed's Plant Shop is evolving into exciting new directions. 

Ed's Plant Shop Brooklyn
We've grown from one variety to several of Oxalis!

The Ed's Plant Shop Vision:

Selling plants to houseplants parents was the first goal in opening Ed's Plant shop. Doing so during COVID created challenges of its own, but with the optimistic "can do" attitude, Ed's Plant Shop devised ways of creating contact free, safe pickup for all of our customers. Then the vision expanded beyond just our local clientele! Why not offer our plants for sale to people across the country but starting an online storefront. Once our website was dialed in, the sky was the limit! 

The vision for Ed's Plant Shop has always been to provide happy plants to create happy people. As a proud plant and pup parent, Ed knew the joy and excitement of being able to find a plant that may not be available in your local garden center and focused on sourcing healthy, rare plants. Gorgeous houseplants available to everyone was the vision and slowly but surely the inventory started to expand. A humble start with a few Chinese Evergreens erupted into hundreds of unique and rare varieties with the selection growing weekly!

Shop Chinese Evergreen Online
Our very first online listing, 'Emerald Beauty' Aglaonema

The Ed's Plant Shop Mission Statement:

At Ed's Plant Shop, our mission is to provide a wide selection of high-quality gardening goods and healthy plants for all plant enthusiasts. We believe that everyone should have access to the joy and benefits of gardening, regardless of their experience level or available space. We are committed to sourcing and offering only the finest plants and bespoke gardening products, ensuring that our customers can create thriving green spaces and enjoy the beauty of nature. With a focus on exceptional quality, knowledgeable customer service, and a love for all things green, we strive to inspire and support a lifelong passion for gardening in every individual we serve.

As a small, but mighty team that grew from one to four employees, we hire on strict standards. We carefully select and hire individuals who share our values of integrity, honesty, and a genuine passion for plants. By having a team committed to these principles, we ensure that every interaction with our customers is handled with professionalism, care, and a genuine desire to exceed their expectations.

Ed's Plant Shop Headquarters

Ed and Poncho Hard At Work Sourcing Rare Plants
Shop Rare Plants Here


The Ed's Plant Shop Future Vision:

Our future is blooming with endless possibilities, as we set our sights on a brighter horizon filled with lush greenery and rare houseplants. At Ed's Plant Shop, we're rooted in the belief that growth is essential, which is why we're branching out towards bigger dreams. Our goals include sprouting into a larger storefront, cultivating a diverse selection of plants, and extending our open studio hours to let our customers bask in the botanical beauty. Join us on this flourishing journey as we nurture our vision and sow the seeds for a greener and more vibrant future!

Shop Houseplants Online

Shopping Online Or In Store For Hanging Baskets Is Easy!
Shop Rare Plants Here

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