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Mid-Century Style Metal Planter Pot & Stand 7 Inch- Black

$55.00 $63.00

Elevate your plant display with the sophistication of our sleek Black Planter & Stand Set. Crafted with a contemporary fusion of black powder-coated metal and mid-century style, this planter set offers a chic way to showcase your greenery. The cylindrical design provides the perfect canvas for your favorite foliage. Place these stunning planters on a lonely sideboard or any indoor space to effortlessly bring in a touch of natural yet luxe vibes. Included in the set are two stands, each enhancing the overall aesthetic.  Designed with your convenience in mind, the planters feature a drainage hole for proper water management. This ensures that your plants thrive without the risk of overwatering. The entire set is made from black powder-coated iron, ensuring durability and longevity.


Short Pot & Stand: Pot 7" diameter x 6" high

Stand: 16" Tall

Tall Pot & Stand: 7" diameter x 6" high

Stand: 20" Tall