Concrete Finger Planter


We're not knocking plain terra cotta pots, they totally work, but how could you possibly pass up a planter as interesting as this? Made of sturdy concrete, the Finger Planter features fingers woven together to envelop your plant in a warm handshake. This finger planter is a perfect addition to mix up the mundane pottery and containers that our plants might be lingering in. This finger pot would be a great home for a pothos or hoya!

Our concrete finger planter is made by our friends in Dallas, Texas who specialize in unique, exotic, and well-made containers and accessories. Each concrete finger planter is hand-poured with concrete and each unit is inspected for perfection.

Don't worry, a drainage hole is included.

Large Dimensions: 5.9" l x 4.7" w | Weight 4.8 lb

Med Dimensions: Dimensions: 3.3" l x 3.3" w | Weight 1.28 lb

Made in the United States of America!

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