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North Tower Terrarium


Featuring a tall narrow design, this tower terrarium is a great space for a miniature orchid or tall miniature plant, The North Tower Terrarium features a pyramid hip roof, a geometric repeating triangle design, and a high profile. This tower terrarium includes a fitted plastic liner.

Tower terrariums require less watering than traditional houseplants. During the daylight condensation will form on the glass, then in the evening as the glass cools, the moisture returns to the soil. Each of our tower terrariums is handcrafted from reclaimed glass using traditional stained glass techniques. 

The North Tower Terrarium is named after Marianne North, a noted biologist, and botanical artist. A true original, she funded numerous expeditions to the far reaches of the globe, and scientifically documented hundreds of varieties of plants with a distinctive and vibrant artistry.  

5" W x 5" L x 15" H