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Houseplant Climbing Wall Clips- 5 Pack


Are you like me and swooning over all the gorgeous plant photos where the plants are trailing all over and around the walls/mirrors? Well, here is how to achieve that look! Let me introduce you to self-adhesive wall plant clips. These are the perfect way to train your plant to climb your wall or wrap beautifully around a mirror or any piece of decor. Not to mention this is a great addition to any plant that has outgrown its trellis.

Clip details:
+ 1.3 inches long.
+ 0.5 of an inch opening.
+ Made out of plastic.
+ Green in color to blend in with your plants.
+ Comes with self adhesive stickers.

How To Use:
- Clean the surface of your wall/area.
- Stick the adhesive sticker to the back of your clip.
- Peel off the protective film (white in color) off of the other side.
- Stick to your wall, and lightly push to get a good grip.
- Open the plant clip.
- Put the vine/stem of your plant in the clip, and close shut.
• Made in United States