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Fern-tastic Indoor Gardens: A Complete Guide to Caring for Your Ferns and Creating a Lush Green Oasis at Home

Complete Guide To Care For Indoor Ferns

Ferns are beautiful indoor plants known for their delicate, lacy leaves and ability to thrive in indirect light. In the home, ferns are an excellent choice. Their lush greenery will amplify the aesthetic appeal of your house. They can be grown everywhere as they don't require full sun to thrive.


Indoor Fern Plant are adaptable and thrive indoors with the right amount of humidity. However, keeping ferns looking full and lush as houseplants takes a little extra step that we are going to talk about in this post:


Water your Fern regularly: Regularly watering ferns is the best way to take good care of ferns. Indoor Houseplant prefer to be kept moist, but make sure not to overwater them. Fern loves to be in moist soil always and only does well if the soil is dry for a short time. You also must consider what type of ferns you have planted. For instance, the like Boston Fern should be watered when the soil is dry to touch, and others like Maidenhair Fern or the Button Fern-like to be in soil that's always moist. You can Buy Houseplant Online in NYC from our online store.

Autumn Fern


Ferns prefer indirect or filtered light: Try to place your plant in a location that receives bright, indirect light and direct sunlight, which can scorch the delicate fronds. Especially in winter, when the sun is not strong enough, move your Fern closer to windows to give it some extra sunlight exposure. When the sunlight is strong during the summer season, try placing it where it can face indirect sunlight. The idea is to place your Fern where it gets the required sunlight exposure, and you'll see your plant become happier and healthier.

Star Fern


Fertilizing your Fern: When you buy soil for your Fern, it is more likely filled with fertilizer for the first 100 days. But after 100 days, you might have to feed your plants with fertilizers because your Fern will need many nutrients to grow. You can help your Fern thrive by fertilizing it with liquid fertilizer once per month but make sure not to use fertilizers during winter as most ferns won't be actively growing then.


Different families have slightly different fertilizing requirements. However, all Ferns that can grow indoors are quite similar regarding fertilizing.


Select the Right Container: Moisture is the key to success for the perfect Fern. Try to select a container that is proportionate in size to your plant. Fern in a large container can drown in the soil's excess water; if the container is too small, then the moisture cannot be retained for a very long time.


Assure you have a drainage hole in the container to remove excess water. Avoid putting stones and broken crockery into the bottom of a container, as it can block the drainage hole, resulting in a water-logged planting medium. The best way is to use double containers, place the Fern in a terra-cotta pot, and place the pot in a larger container.


Go get growing!

This plant care guide has focused on all the critical points you must follow to take care of your Fern. We've looked at how you can water your Fern, the perfect sunlight exposure for your Fern, the need to fertilize your Fern and the need to choose the right container.

If you've any questions or want to buy fern then try looking at our Indoor Fern Shop so that we can deliver the greenery directly to your home.

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