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Butterfly Weed 6-Pack

222,00 kr

Introducing Butterfly Weed: The Key to a Thriving Butterfly Buffet!

Join the mission to protect and support our butterfly friends with the addition of Butterfly Weed to your garden. Create a diverse and abundant buffet for these magnificent creatures, and watch your outdoor space come alive with the magical flutter of delicate wings. Attracting and supporting vibrant butterfly populations is a noble mission, and we have just the secret ingredient to make it happen - Butterfly Weed. While Common Milkweed plays a crucial role, creating a flourishing haven for these delicate insects requires a diversified approach. Butterfly Weed is the missing piece of the puzzle, a distinct species with unique characteristics and benefits that will transform your garden into a haven for butterflies of all types.

What Sets Butterfly Weed Apart?

🦋 A Different Species with a Wider Range: Butterfly Weed, known as Asclepias tuberosa, is a distinct species from Common Milkweed, expanding your garden's butterfly diversity with its broader native range.

🌼 Floral Extravaganza: Unlike its milky sap-producing cousin, Butterfly Weed offers a longer and more extended bloom period. The vibrant, flame-colored blossoms will be a visual feast for both you and your winged guests.

🦋 Universal Nectar Haven: The nectar-rich flowers of Butterfly Weed act like a magnet for all kinds of butterflies, providing sustenance for a variety of species. Your garden will be buzzing with life as butterflies of different sizes and colors come to enjoy the feast.

🐛 Monarch Caterpillar Host Plant: But that's not all - Butterfly Weed also serves as a host plant for the beloved monarch butterfly. Monarch caterpillars rely on its leaves as their primary food source, making your garden a nurturing sanctuary for these remarkable insects at every stage of their life cycle.