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Terrazzo Jesmonite Patterned Pot for 3-Inch Plants

271,00 kr

Treat yourself and your plants with this beautiful handmade colorful plant pot. It's the ultimate accessory for any houseplant lover! The chosen colors are inspired by the beach. A marbling pattern runs through each color creating the effect of beach waves.


‣ Designed and handmade from Jesmonite in Nottingham, UK

‣ Terrazzo planter for housing your favorite cacti, succulents or growing plants

‣ Sealed to provide water resistance

‣ Cork base on base protects furniture from scratches

‣ SIZE: Diameter 3.94 inches at top x Height 3.54 inches. Usable inner diameter of 3.34 inches.

‣ Does not include drainage hole 

‣ Good for 3-Inch Potted Plants or to be used with leca clay pebbles.


‣ Due to the handmade process, there may be slight color variations and air bubbles

‣ All orders will be sent in Eco-Friendly packaging

‣ Wipe up any spills with a damp cloth ‣ Suitable for indoor use only

‣ This is for the sale one planter in medium