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North Tower Terrarium, Mini Greenhouse

921,00 kr

Step into the world of botanical artistry with the North Tower Terrarium, a true testament to the marriage of nature and design. This tower terrarium boasts a tall, narrow design that provides a perfect home for miniature orchids or other tall miniature plants. With its pyramid hip roof, geometric repeating triangle pattern, and high-profile presence, it's a standout piece that will captivate your heart and enhance your space.

Key Features:

🏛️ Unique Tower Design: The North Tower Terrarium is a true standout with its tall and narrow structure, providing an elegant space for your miniature orchids or tall plants.

🌿 Low Maintenance: Tower terrariums require less watering than traditional houseplants. As daylight graces the glass, condensation forms, nurturing your plants. In the evening, as the glass cools, the moisture returns to the soil, creating a self-sustaining environment.

🎨 Inspired by Marianne North: The North Tower Terrarium is named after Marianne North, a remarkable biologist and botanical artist. Just like her distinctive and vibrant artistry, this terrarium reflects a true original spirit.

📐 Perfect Dimensions: Measuring 5" W x 5" L x 15" H, this tower terrarium offers a striking presence that fits seamlessly into your home.

A Living Work of Art:

The North Tower Terrarium is more than just a home for your plants; it's a masterpiece that embodies the essence of botanical artistry. It's your canvas to create a miniature world of natural wonder.