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Oh Happy Plant Bath

153,00 kr

Do you want to know the best-kept secret of the professional house plant world?

It's Oh Happy Plant Bath!

This product is magic in a bottle. Not only will it clean your leaves, it just so happens to eliminate many common 'acclimation' issues! Using this product as part of your new plant routine will help avoid many issues that occur during transition from grower to home.

What is it?

Oh Happy Plant Bath is a silicone-based foliage cleaner. It is nontoxic to humans and pets when used as directed.

What does it do?

It cleans your leaves! It will remove dust, dirt, grease, and hard water deposits from leaves. It even repels dust! Our favorite use, though, is to ease the transition that plants experience between grower and home. This product is a miracle worker in making your plant-y life easier!

How should I use it?

Simply spray on the plant until it runs off. Spray front and back of leaves, as well as trunk and soil surface. Then just give the plant a gentle shake to knock excess off and let it dry!

What comes in the box?

4oz concentrate: this product is a 4oz bottle of concentrated formula - simply mix in your own spray bottle. One bottle of concentrate makes 8 to 16 quarts of product! Because we care about safety, we include an extra label for your spray bottle. And it's packaged in a super cute blue glass bottle, which you can re-use for propagating plant cuttings!

Care for your plants like a pro with Oh Happy Plants!

Warnings and more info: 

Oh Happy Plant Bath is sold as a foliage cleaner only. User accepts all responsibility for off-label use of the product.

Do not use this product where spray may land on streams, fish tanks, or other otherwise come in contact with aquatic animals. Do not use on plants fully or partially immersed in fish tanks.

For sensitive and/or expensive plants, dilute product to 1/4 oz (1/2 tb) per quart water and do a spot test on one leaf first. Also, if applying product more frequently than every 14 days, rinse plant with plain water before each application after the first.

Some potentially sensitive plants (incomplete list): Ctenanthe spp, Philodendron plowmanii, Anthurium plowmanii 'Fruffles.' Please note that we have tested this extensively on common houseplants at the recommended 1/2oz per quart strength with no known issues, but we haven't tried it on every plant in the world. If in doubt, please perform a spot test prior to use.