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Houseplant Propagation Pins- 5 Clip Pack

56,00 kr

About to propagate your plant? Make sure to grab some of these plastic propagation plant pins. These pins are great for securing nodes into the soil of your potted plants. They have been designed with points at the end of the pin to help ease it into the soil.

These clips not only are great for nodes, but they are always multipurpose. They are also great for holding your plants stem secure to a moss pole, attaching things to wreaths, and etc. The best part about them is they are plastic. Which means they wont rust or mold, and you can rise them off if you need to. They also aren't super sharp like the metal ones, that are more likely to damage your plant.

Pin details:
+ 3 inches long.
+ 0.75 of an inch opening.
+ Made out of plastic.
+ Available in the color green, to blend in with your plants.
• Made in United States