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All Stars Kale Mix Gardening Seed Pack

$33.00 $43.00

Are you ready to elevate your gardening experience with a harmonious blend of Russian and Siberian kales? This premium kale seed mix offers a delightful fusion of vibrant shades of green and deep, rich red, providing an eye-catching display in your garden. With this unique blend, you'll not only enjoy the incredible visual appeal but also relish the distinct flavors and nutritional benefits of these exceptional kale varieties.

Key Features: ๐ŸŒฑ Mix of Russian and Siberian Kales: This art pack contains a well-balanced combination of Russian and Siberian kale varieties, ensuring a diverse and visually striking kale bed. The contrast of green and red leaves will captivate your senses and add aesthetic appeal to your garden.

๐ŸŒž Direct Sow or Start Early: Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, this kale blend is easy to cultivate. You can directly sow the seeds in your garden or start them indoors for an early head start. Enjoy fresh, homegrown kale in no time!

๐ŸŒฑ Art Pack, 100 Seeds: This meticulously designed art pack contains 100 high-quality kale seeds, ensuring an ample supply for your garden. The beautifully illustrated packaging makes it an excellent gift for gardening enthusiasts or a treat for yourself.

๐ŸŒฑ Fast Germination: Patience is a virtue, but we know you're excited to see your kale sprout! With a germination period of 3-7 days, you'll witness the first signs of life in your garden quickly.

๐Ÿ“… Days to Maturity: In just 70 days, your Russian and Siberian kales will be ready for harvest. Whether you prefer them in salads, smoothies, or as a delicious side dish, your homegrown kale will be at its peak flavor and nutrition in no time.