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Culinary Herb Seeds- Pack of 5

$20.00 $27.00

Experience the Magic of Homegrown Herbs with RT1home's Herb Seed Collection

Elevate your culinary adventures and gardening prowess with our Herb Seed Collection from RT1home. This assortment features five distinct herb varieties, each carefully selected for their exceptional flavors and culinary versatility. With exclusive packaging, these organic, US-sourced seeds are ready to bring life to your garden.

What's Inside:

🌿 Genovese Basil: Embark on a journey to Italy right in your own garden. The Genovese Basil's aromatic leaves are perfect for crafting pesto, caprese salads, and a wide range of Italian dishes. With our fresh basil seeds, your recipes will have an authentic, garden-fresh flavor.

🌱 Italian Parsley: Add a touch of freshness and greenery to your dishes with our Italian Parsley seeds. This versatile herb is an ideal garnish for just about anything and lends its mild, crisp flavor to soups, stews, and your favorite Mediterranean recipes.

🌿 Cilantro: Dive into the vibrant and zesty world of Cilantro. A must-have for Mexican, Indian, and Thai cuisines, our Cilantro seeds provide an abundance of flavor. From salsas to curries, cilantro brings a unique and unforgettable taste to your table.

🌱 Mammoth Dill: Enhance your pickles, gravlax, and roasted salmon with the bold flavors of Mammoth Dill. Our dill seeds are the secret to infusing your dishes with that delightful, aromatic kick that only dill can provide.

🌿 Common Chives: Elevate your dishes with the delicate, onion-like flavor of Common Chives. These slender, green shoots are the perfect addition to your mashed potatoes, omelets, or a creamy bowl of soup. With our chive seeds, you'll always have a versatile herb on hand.

Grown with Love in the USA