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'Don't Mess With Grandma' Foliage Spray 4 oz

372 kr
4oz Concentrate

With all the scary leaf issues in the world, your plants need a fierce grandma to protect them and keep them gorgeous. Enter: Don't Mess With Grandma, a blend of essential oils that keep your plants looking their best! This highly concentrated 4oz formula makes 24 8oz refills.


Don’t Mess With Grandma is our proprietary essential oil-powered foliage spray that combats many common leaf issues.  Find out more about the ingredients with our handy info page.

How to use:

Spray plant 1 to 3 times a week when you bring a new plant home to combat issues that arise during transition from grower to home environment. In the case of new leaf issues, use product several times and be sure to address any low light or improper watering concerns that may be stressing your plant. 

Product should not cause photosensitivity, but as with any liquid foliage product, take care when putting plants in direct sun or under grow lights, as droplets of water can magnify light rays.

During use, spray both front and back of all leaves as well as stems and soil surface.

WARNING: Be sure to keep this and all essential oil products away from cats.