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Earth Positive Potting Soil

181 kr

We don't like to bring the "boring" aspect of plant care to our top four, but this soil is so great we just had to. Rosy Soil is the perfect soil for your houseplants. Most potting soils are full of non-sustainable peat and coco-coir-based media, and are prone to fungus gnats. Rosy soil is different, made of Biochar, this growing medium promotes proper air circulation in the soil, which leads to happy healthy roots.

Healthy roots lead to happy plants. Once you go Rosy, you may never go back!

☑ Biochar-based all-natural indoor plant soil

☑ Boosts soil aeration, optimizes drainage, and enhances nutrient uptake to help houseplants flourish

☑ Earth Positive ingredients (peat free, coco coir free, without perlite or vermiculite)

☑ An eco-friendly soil mix for house plants that reduces your carbon footprint

4 quarts  (3.785 liters)

8 quarts (8.8 liters) | Net Weight 8 lbs (3.6 kg)