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Indoor Plant/Little Forest Glass Vessel Container For Plants

1 486 kr
Container + 7 Watt LED

- Ideal for growing indoor plants Terrarium, or putting preserved moss or flowers to add a vibrant punch of color, texture and intrigue to your space.

*Soil Plants and Stand are not included.*

*** Please note that it is a hand-made product, so it is normal that there is little gap between edges, also it is not 100% sealed on the bottom as indoor plants' roots need to breathe. *** 


7 in (W) X 7 in (D) X 11 in (H) with handmade sturdy copper frame, coated with black Tin Material to create a great seal.

- Equipped with seamless hinge glass door for easy operation. Opening it to adding/watering your plants, and closing it for keeping the moisture inside. The enclosed space help seal water vapor inside very well, increasing the humidity of air to help raise tropical plants, such as succulent, air plants, cacti, Venus flytrap plants.