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Organic Mechanics Cactus & Succulent Blend - 8 Dry Quarts

160 kr

Discover the perfect blend to nurture your cacti and succulents with Organic Mechanics Cactus & Succulent Blend. Our unique formulation, scientifically crafted, ensures amazing drainage while maintaining optimal moisture levels to keep your plants thriving.


  • Specifically designed for cacti and succulents
  • Exceptional drainage properties
  • Maintains moisture for happy, healthy plants
  • Also suitable for bonsai trees, jade plants, and other species requiring superior drainage
  • Biochar inclusion retains essential biology in the root zone

Usage Tips: For best results, we recommend using terracotta (clay) or fiber containers to optimize airflow and drainage.

100% Organic!

Elevate your plant care routine with Organic Mechanics Cactus & Succulent Blend, the choice for vibrant, resilient desert flora.