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Pulaski Axe with Canvas Sheath

1 464 kr

Splitting wood in the fresh mountain air has never been so satisfying, the Pulaski Axe practically swings itself! The Pulaski Axe is a favorite tool and is widely used by forest firefighters due to its lightweight and maneuverability. Pulaski Axes differ from regular axes, as they have two cutting sides, the cutting blade, and the adze blade. Invented in 1905 specifically for forestry work, the Pulaski Axe hasn't been changed since, perfection at its finest.

Swing the weighted head with ease as its wide angle, 1055 high carbon steel split blade keeps its edge time after time. Pulaski Axes are also favorites for survivalists, minimalists, and all-around avid gardeners looking for a practical hand axe. The ergonomic design of the Pulaski Axe means never having to raise it above your head to create a mighty cut again! A little bit of energy goes a long way!

The 1/3” solid steel core through the wood handle secures the head with a tightening hex bolt and connects it to the steel pommel end to help you maneuver easily around rooting and trenching. Our Pulaski Axe comes complete with a handy sheath to keep it safe!

Dimensions 24" L x 12" W.

Not for indoor use 

Keep out of reach of children & pets 


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