Albany Black Spruce - Hand Soap


This gentle and mild lathering soap is formulated with traditional plant-based ingredients with a Castile (olive oil as the main ingredient) soap base. Using only natural essential oils this soap is safe for those with sensitive skin.

The scent Albany Black Spruce is meant to recreate early morning walks through the woods on the banks of the Hudson River. The damp earth and moss beneath your feet with the towering spruce flowering above.

The earthy and spicy notes of black spruce stimulate and refresh, while Frankincense is a meditative oil and is known to promote vitality and strength. Vetiver is grounding and musky and invokes a sense of security.

The Net Wt. is 450ml or 15.2 fluid ounces. Enough to last for weeks!
Made in United States of America

Dimensions: 2.8" l x 2.8" w x 6.2" h | Weight: 1.18 lb