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Pot Holder For Balcony - Three Pot

$22.00 $36.00

Our Pot Holder For Balcony is perfect to accessorize, revamp, and beautify your outdoor space. This pot holder goes over your railing and accommodates three 4" or smaller pots. The greatest part of our pot holder for balcony is that the galvanized metal frame leaves an open area to allow your pots to be exposed. This opens the opportunity to use some fancy pots to fancy up your spot even more!

The best feature of our pot holder for balcony is the integrated drip trays. These built-in saucers will collect your extra water, keeping it off your patio!

Our Pot Holder For Balcony measures just over four inches tall, making it small enough for compact spaces, but large enough to support those three pots. In length, our pot holder for balcony is 20" long, and over 4" wide. This beautiful piece is made of hot-dip galvanized metal, meaning it will last for decades to come and crafted in Slovakia.

Height: 11 cm Height by the hook: 23 cm Length: 52 cm Width: 12 cm With by the hook: 21,5 cm Material: Hot-dip galvanized metal