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Polyscias Fruticosa ‘Ming Aralia’

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The Polyscias Fruticosa ‘Ming Aralia’ appears straight out of Narnia with it's bonsai-like stature and bold foliage. It has care similar to other tropical plants and enjoys higher humidity. It isn’t typically picky about light (although it prefers bright indirect- try a North facing window) and it prefers to never dry out, so be sure to check it regularly and keep the soil must but not soggy. Keep it away from any air conditioners or high traffic doors and we’d recommend moving it back in winter if you have it right up against a window. If things get too cold, this plant will tell you by dropping leaves rather quickly so monitor the temperature in your home and move it if necessary.

Ed's Plant Profile

  • Scientific Name: Polyscias Fruticosa
  • Common Name: Ming Aralia, Aralia Ming Gold
  • Family: Araliaceae
  • Native Range: Asia

Ed's Care Guide

  • Light: Bright indirect, can tolerate shade
  • Water: Keep soil moist. Allow to almost dry between watering and don’t overwater
  • Soil: Use a well draining potting mix.
  • Humidity: Medium to high
  • Temperature: 65-80F
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves and control growth, especially to maintain tight bushy shape 
  • Feeding:  Apply a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer biweekly as needed and reduce frequency in winter.
  • Propagation: Green-stem cuttings
  • Growth: Upright and bushy, bonsai tree
  • Pests: Look out for aphids, scale, mealybugs & spider mites 
  • Toxicity: Mildly toxic to humans and pets