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Vintage Botanical Dandelion Flower Art Print

$15.00 $20.00

This delightful dandelion wall art is a personal favorite of one of our staff members! 

The delightful dandelion wall art is from "Kohler’s Medicinal Plants", a German medicinal guide published by Eugene Köhler (1887). It contains illustrations by W. Müller, C.F. Schmidt, and K. Gunther. The lovely detail of this delightful dandelion wall art will be a perfect addition to any dining room, bedroom, or living room (our staff member has had hers hanging in all three!) 

The delightful dandelion wall art has been scanned and retouched to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible. The delightful dandelion wall art is digitally printed on sustainably produced 100% cotton fiber archival paper. Each print is packaged in a clear sleeve with mat backing and includes an info card about the art. 

One of our favorite partners to work with, Curious Prints creates high-quality reproductions of your favorite vintage art. 

Frame your masterpiece with one of our hanging art frames.

Delightful dandelion wall art prints are printed in the USA 

Size: 11x14