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Jingle All the Way with Our Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Everyone - Ed's Plant Shop

Jingle All the Way with Our Gift Guide: Perfect Presents for Everyone

'Tis the season to celebrate the joys of gifting, and what better way to enchant the gardeners in your life than with the perfect Christmas gift? In our Christmas Gift Guide for Gardeners, we've curated a splendid selection of thoughtful presents that will make their green thumbs tingle with delight. Whether you're shopping for a seasoned horticulturalist or a budding botanist, our guide is your one-stop destination to discover unique and cherished gifts that will brighten their holiday season. From handy gardening tools to charming decor, we've got something for every gardener. So, let's explore this winter wonderland of garden-centric gifts and make this Christmas truly special for the green-thumbed enthusiasts in your life!

Our list of gifts for gardeners is broken down into price points, but don't forget, you can always snag a gift card to accompany any purchase! That way your gift recipient can purchase whatever plant they'd like!

Gifts For Gardeners Under $15

Discover these budget-friendly Christmas gifts for gardeners under $15 in our handpicked selection. These thoughtful and affordable presents are sure to bring holiday cheer to any green-thumbed enthusiast in your life.

Self Watering Animals:
These adorable little animals not only add dimension to a plant, they also help keep the soil a nice even level of hydration. Available in cat, dog, bee, and mushroom!

Nitrile Gloves:

Nitrile Gloves are lightweight and perfect for any gardener that wants to keep their nails nice and clean. We love them because they keep your hands protected without making your hands sweat! Check them out here!

Soil Scoop:

Make transplanting for your plant loving pals a breeze with this handy soil scoop. The size is perfect for large and small applications, and makes filling planters so simple. Get scooping here!

Plant Animals:

Give a little sparkle to any plant with one of these adorable plant animals. From Luna Moths to Chimpanzees, we have a large selection of little animals that will add charm to any houseplant. Shop the full collection here

Pot Hangers:

Transform any planter with a fun little pot companion. These little pot hangers are the perfect gift for any gardener and very affordable. Shop styles: Sloth, Elephant, Dog, and Cat!

Christmas Gifts Under $15

Gifts For Gardeners Under $25

Looking to spend just a tiny bit more on something super special for the gardener in your life? This gift guide highlights our favorite garden goodies under $25 that will surely bring a smile to any gardener in your life. 

Real Cowhide Garden Gloves By Barebones:

We're a big fan of quality, and these Cowhide Gloves are certain to last years in the garden. Barebones is one of our favorite brands, and these are some of our favorite gloves. Treat anyone to these fabulous gloves, available in Olive, Cognac, and Mustard

Olla Self Watering Device:

An Olla is the perfect gift for a gardener because it combines both practicality and sustainability. It helps gardeners efficiently water their plants while conserving water, making it a valuable addition to any garden. Available in several fetching colors. Shop Ollas Here. 

Pruning Shears By Jungle Club:

Jungle Club pruning shears are the ultimate gift for a gardener because they are designed for precision and durability, making pruning tasks a breeze. Their sharp blades and ergonomic design ensure that gardeners can easily maintain their plants, promoting healthy growth and a flourishing garden. Available in several colors here. 

Plant-Themed Keychains:

Are you a plant daddy, or just really love your plants? Keychains make fantastic gifts for gardeners because they allow them to express their love for plants and gardening wherever they go. They can attach them to their keys, bags, or gardening tools, showcasing their passion and adding a touch of greenery to their everyday life. Shop our full selection here. 

Dried Flower Bundles:

Dried flowers are wonderful gifts for gardeners because they allow them to enjoy the beauty of their garden year-round, even when the growing season has passed. These everlasting blooms make for lovely decorations, arrangements, and crafts, ensuring that the gardener's passion for flowers can be celebrated in every season. Available in several different colors and bundles!

Gifts For Gardeners Under $25


Gifts For Gardeners Under $50

Discover thoughtful gifts for gardeners that won't break the bank in our selection of items under $50. From practical tools to delightful decor, our budget-friendly options ensure you can bring a smile to any green-thumbed enthusiast without emptying your wallet.

Modern Concrete Planters:

Handcrafted concrete planters make wonderful gifts for gardeners because they combine artistry with functionality, adding a touch of modern elegance to any garden or indoor space. These durable, unique planters offer a stylish way for gardeners to showcase their beloved plants, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate both aesthetics and functionality in their gardening accessories. Available in Dusty Rose and Midnight Blue. 

Bucket Caddy:

We love the bucket caddy as a gift for gardeners because it's a versatile and practical tool that keeps all their essentials within arm's reach while they work in the garden. With ample pockets and space to hold tools, seeds, and other gardening necessities, it makes gardening more efficient and enjoyable. Shop Now!

Germination and Hydroculture Gift Set: 

The Germination and Hydroculture Gift Set is the perfect holiday gift because it provides an opportunity for recipients to nurture and grow their own plants, creating a sense of accomplishment and connection to nature during the festive season. This unique set offers a hands-on experience, allowing individuals to witness the magic of plant growth and add a touch of greenery to their homes, making it an excellent gift choice for plant lovers and budding gardeners.

0.9 Liter Metal Watering Can:

Our metal watering cans are the ideal holiday gift because they combine functionality with style, making watering plants a joyous and aesthetically pleasing task. With their elegant design and durability, these watering cans not only serve as practical garden tools but also as beautiful decor pieces that bring a touch of charm to any gardening enthusiast's holiday season. Shop our full color selection here! 

Hori Hori Multi-tool:

A hori hori knife is the perfect holiday gift for gardeners because it's a versatile and sturdy tool that helps with digging, weeding, and planting, making it an invaluable addition to any gardener's toolkit. With its sharp blade, ergonomic design, and multipurpose functionality, it's a thoughtful and practical present that will be appreciated for years to come. Available in classic and ultimate!

Gifts For Gardeners Under $50

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