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Leca Balls | Expanded Clay Balls | Hydro Balls


  • Hydroton Brand Expanded Clay Is A Unique, Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate Made In Germany
  • This Natural Clay Is Mined, Formed Into Pellets, Then Kiln Fired At High Temperatures To Cause The Clay To Expand Into Tough, Lightweight Balls
  • Clay Naturally Has Balanced Capillary Action, With An Ideal Surface Structure

Why choose Leca?

  • Growing plants in semi-hydroponics saves water
  • Semi-hydro is easier to schedule
  • Leca is less messy than soil
  • Fungus gnats can’t thrive in leca
  • Fertilizing is more effective
  • You can more accurately control pH levels
  • You can keep plants in smaller, lighter pots
  • It can be cheaper than soil

What's Included?

  • 1 bag of expanded clay balls / Each Bag is 2lbs