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Plvnk only - Plant Pole For Shingling or Climbing Plants


A rectangular solution for your plants! Our Plvnk is the perfect fit for shingling or climbing plants. Some species such as monstera dubia, scindapsus and rhaphidophora species need a flat surface to attach to, and it also works for any climbing plant! The Plvnk system is modular just like the rest of our products and is compatible with our anchor system for extra stability. Just fill with your medium of choice (sphagnum moss, tree fern, Ed's Spanish Moss, leca, etc). You can buy additional Plvnk pole sections to extend your Plvnk as your plant grows!

Features: Compatible with anchor system for extra stability. Closed back design so your moss/substrate stays wet longer. Built in wall mount screw connection system for guaranteed stability. Two stakes to prevent tipping and twisting. 

Available Colors: Black White & Brown

• Made in United States