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Grow Lights


Archetto - Transparent Wall Mount - Ed's Plant Shop

Pinocchio Adjustable Wall Mount For Grow Lights

Soltech Solutions- Grove LED Grow Light - Ed's Plant Shop

Wall Fairlead 2-Pack - Ed's Plant Shop

GE Grow Light- LED Floodlight Bulb- 1 Pack - Ed's Plant Shop

Brass Modern-Style Light Fixture For Grow Light

Soltech Solutions Aspect™ LED Growlight - Black - Ed's Plant Shop

Soltech Solutions Aspect™ LED Growlight - White - Ed's Plant Shop

Vita™ LED Grow Bulb | White / Non-Dimmable - Ed's Plant Shop

Loop Hanging Planter - Ed's Plant Shop

Swag Hook - Ed's Plant Shop

Analog Outlet Wall Timer - Ed's Plant Shop

Elevate your indoor gardening experience with Ed's Plant Shop's Grow Lights Collection. Discover efficient and powerful lighting solutions, including adjustable spectrum options and energy-efficient technology. Illuminate your indoor garden with cutting-edge grow lights designed to optimize photosynthesis at every growth stage. Cultivate a thriving green oasis with our premium Grow Lights, ensuring your houseplants receive the best care for healthy and vibrant growth. Explore now!