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Horticultural Pumice: Cactus Succulent Soil Amendment


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Our premium Horticultural Pumice! Mined from natural volcanic deposits, our pumice is meticulously crafted to optimize soil conditions for your plants. Its lightweight yet durable nature promotes superior aeration, ensuring roots receive essential oxygen for healthy growth. Additionally, its excellent drainage properties prevent water logging, safeguarding plants from root rot and other moisture-related issues. Perfect for a variety of plants including succulents, cacti, bonsai, and more, our Horticultural Pumice is a versatile addition to any gardening arsenal. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a beginner enthusiast, our pumice makes it easy to create well-balanced soil mixes tailored to your plants' specific needs.

Get exceptional results thanks to the unique benefits of pumice stone!

  • Root boost
  • Improves structure of the soil
  • Increases drainage
  • Nutrient retention

Size: 3/8 x 1/4

Bag Quantity: 2 quarts