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Are Your Houseplants Ready for Fall? - Ed's Plant Shop

Are Your Houseplants Ready for Fall?

The transition from Summer into Fall brings beautiful colors, delicious treats (hello PSL!!) and sweater weather, but with that come several important changes for your plants. Some will go into full dormancy, most will greatly slow their rate of growth to conserve energy. The days grow shorter as we move through Fall and Winter which means less sunlight and therefore less energy for your plants to grow. All of this is completely natural and part of your plants’ lifespan, but there are some things you should do to prepare for this time of year. 

Bring plants inside if necessary, don’t forget to thoroughly look for pests

    If you kept plants on your balcony it’s time to find them a place indoors! It’s a good idea to put them right in the tub and shower them off before giving them a thorough examination for pests. It would be a shame to have an outbreak start your season! Don’t forget the undersides of the leaves, lower stems and top of the soil!

      Repot anything that had a super active growing season

        Check the bottom of the pot for roots coming out of the drainage hole(s)! Even if you repotted at the beginning of the growing season you’d be surprised how fast some roots can grow and they’ll want a nice warm pot to ride out the Winter in 

          Pay closer attention to the new growth and soil

            It’s imperative to really observe your plants on an individual basis during this time. Some plants will slow in growth so much that they’ll only need water once a month or so. Moisture meters are a lifesaver in the colder months since they take a lot of the guesswork out. You’ll also want to stop fertilizing any plants that have stopped putting out new growth or who’s new growth has shrunk dramatically 

              Take a walk around your home environment 

                Are there any sensitive plants near the heaters and radiators you’re about to start using a lot more? Are there any near drafty windows or doors that open to the cold frequently? All of these factors can impact your plants health during the colder months, so reorganize as needed! 


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