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New Arrivals

Elevate your living space with our latest collection of New Arrivals - a stunning array of houseplants for sale at Ed's Plant Shop. Unearth a world of botanical wonders as you explore our handpicked selection, meticulously chosen to thrive in indoor environments. From the timeless charm of Monstera Deliciosa to the elegant foliage of the Fiddle Leaf Fig, each plant exudes beauty and tranquility. Embrace the green revolution and transform your home into a vibrant sanctuary with our expertly curated houseplants. Shop now and breathe life into your space with Ed's Plant Shop's New Arrivals!
New Arrivals - Ed's Plant Shop


Begonia Maculata 'Wightii' - Polka Dot Begonia - Ed's Plant Shop

Calathea Majestica 'White Star' - Ed's Plant Shop

Aglaonema 'Spring Snow' - Ed's Plant Shop
1 in stock

Begonia soli-mutata - Sun Changing Begonia - Ed's Plant Shop
1 in stock

Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’ Floor Plant - In Store Only - Ed's Plant Shop
1 in stock

1 in stock

Syngonium 'Mickey' - Ed's Plant Shop
New in

Peperomia polybotra 'Raindrops' - Ed's Plant Shop

Epipremnum amplissimum for sale online