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Double Sided Sticky Traps - Gnat Killer for Plants- 5 Pack

22 kr

Double Sided Sticky Traps. Gnat Killer for indoor outdoor Such as Fungus Gnats, White flies and Aphids, 7.9 x 4 Inches.
The fruit fly traps come with plastic holders and twist ties, you can choose to hang them on the branches with the twist ties, or place them on the holders and then insert into the soil as you need, simple to use.
Proper Size: the gnat sticky traps for plants measure about 7.9 x 4 inches, suitable size for you to use, the stickiness is good, providing a large area to stick more flies and gnats, you don't need to change them often.
Wide Application: the gnat killer for indoor plants can be applied to catch fruit flies, insects, mosquitoes, gnats, etc., suitable for using in garden, lawn, yard, kitchen, garbage, flower pot, next to window and so on, convenient and practical.

Color Yellow
Style Double Sided
Material Plastic
Target Species Fly, Mosquito, White Fly, Gnat