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Plant Relocation: Thriving in Your New Home - Ed's Plant Shop

Plant Relocation: Thriving in Your New Home

Are you moving to a new home or relocating and want to move together with your garden plants? It’s easy enough to move your car and furniture, but its not as easy with plants! 


Plants need a lot of care and certain environmental conditions to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, these conditions are quite difficult to replicate. That is why we are here with a blog to make your movement easy and smooth. Whatever your reason for moving in this post, you will learn how to transplant plants without killing them.


Choose the right Season- Choose the right time of year to move the plants. Spring or fall is generally the best time, as the plants are not in active growth and are less sensitive to stress. The right time for transplanting plants is in the spring before summer and fall. This is because, in summer, the water usually evaporates from the soil easily, which may lead to wilting and drying up of plants. If you have no option, you must frequently water the plants before and after transplanting.


Use Right Packaging- Plants are extremely vulnerable in cars, vans, and airplanes and need proper packaging to stand a chance of arriving. Make sure your plants are packaged enough for full protection when they are on the move and ensure proper water intake. It has been seen that the plants become dehydrated both before and during transportation, so keep watering them frequently. Many experts advise using Potting Soil & Pest Control for all houseplants few days before packing.


Label your plants- You already know that different plants need a different amount of water, so try labelling based on their water needs. The other thing is to keep all box lids open until the very last minute and label them accordingly. Don’t forget to line the base with plastic bags or use metal watering can stop the leakage. The plastic base acts as a cushion in case of any fall or bad road. Libelling is also beneficial as when you reach the destination, you will clearly understand which package contains what type of plants. 


Setting them into a New Home- Make sure that the temperature and humidity levels of a new place are per the plant's needs. The other is to try to adjust them as soon as possible to avoid shocking or stressing your plants.


Use English watering can to water them as soon as you unpack them. Take some time to find a place that closely matches the amount of light and moisture. After placing the plants, keep an eye on your plants for signs of damage. If you see any signs, act quickly to identify the problem and use Plant Support - Totems & Trellises in case your plant needs some sort of support to grow. 


Wrapping Up

We hope you can move your plants easily; our website is all about greenery, and we want to make this world a better place for our coming generation. If you want to Buy Houseplant Online In NYC, you can check our website today.

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