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How To Help Your Plant Pals Rebound After Shipping - Ed's Plant Shop

How To Help Your Plant Pals Rebound After Shipping

It's no secret that buying plants online can be an exhilarating experience. You browse through pages of lush greenery, pick the perfect plant companions for your space, and eagerly await their grand arrival. But, here's the twist: Plants, much like your favorite delivery driver, can sometimes get a case of the shipping jitters. Think about it – they've just embarked on a cross-country adventure, sans the in-flight snacks and window views!

Picture this: Your beloved Monstera, whom you affectionately call 'Monsteriffic,' is strapped into a box and catapulted into the world of shipping trucks, conveyor belts, and, perhaps, a few potting mix turbulence episodes. It's enough to make any plant break out in a plant panic attack!

But fret not, we're here to demystify the secret stressors plants face during shipping and help you nurse your green darlings back to their radiant selves. And, as promised, here's a joke to lighten the mood: Why did the plant break up with the shipping truck? Because it felt boxed in!

So, let's dig into the root of the matter and unearth some fantastic tips to make your plants' journey less stressful and more leafylicious!

1. The Reviving Ritual: Rehydrate and Rejuvenate

After their journey, your new plant pals are likely parched and in need of a good drink. Give them a generous but not overwhelming sip of water. For this crucial task, consider a well-designed watering can like the our narrow spout Plint watering can or our Spray Sprinkler. This allows you to target the soil, avoiding overwatering and enabling your plants to soak up moisture gradually. Another great tool to have in your plant care arsenal is a simple moisture meter. This will take the guess work out of whether your plant pal is really thirsty or just acting that way. 

Remember, moderation is key – you don't want to drown your new arrivals!

Woman Checking Plant Hydration

2. Snip the Stress Away: Prune and Trim

Unboxing may reveal a few browning or damaged leaves due to the rigors of shipping. Fear not; this is the perfect time for a little TLC! Gently snip away any unsightly or unhealthy foliage using sterilized pruning shears (these snips are some of our favorites in the shop). This encourages fresh growth and helps your plant channel its energy into flourishing, just like a spa day after a long journey. If you have thicker branches or woody stems, you may want to step up and get a sturdy pair of Barebones Garden Scissors, which comes in large and small. 

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3. Find the Perfect Spot: Light and Location

Give your plant companions a cozy corner in your home with just the right amount of light. Plants such as Pothos, Pink Princess Philodendron, and Scindapsus thrive in indirect sunlight, so make sure you don't overwhelm them with a super sunny spot. Try to find their own little sun-soaked vacation spot without the sunburn! It is also important to familiarize yourself with the light needs of the plants that you're receiving and make sure that your house is suitable for them before purchasing. If you have any concerns or need help finding the perfect plant for your home, just ask

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4. Soil Matters: Repotting and Feeding

When your new plant arrives, remember, it has been through a pretty wild and crazy adventure and needs a little time to unwind and destress. While allowing your plant to recover from its case of jet lag, avoid transplanting into a new container or into new soil. This will cause even more stress and could potentially kill your little plant. To avoid a plant funeral, wait at least two weeks, if not longer before transplanting. Additionally, to ensure they have all the nutrients they need, incorporate a gentle liquid fertilizer into your plant care routine. Always use caution not to over fertilize, though!

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