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Rescue Plant - Discounted Plants for Plant Lovers


Embrace the art of plant rescue with our collection of discounted "Rescue Plants"! For those passionate about nurturing green companions back to vitality, this is an opportunity to showcase your green thumb and make a positive impact.

Occasionally, a plant in our inventory may face neglect or fall short of our stringent quality standards, perhaps due to delivery mishaps. Rather than discarding these resilient beings, we offer them to you at a special discounted rate. These plants are technically healthy but just need a little Tender Loving Care to thrive.

If you're up for the challenge of revitalizing a struggling plant, seize the chance to bring home one of these special rescue babies. Dive into the rewarding experience of nurturing life back into green friends that deserve a second chance. Don't forget to share your progress pictures with us as your plant blossoms into a testament of your caring touch!

Please be aware that since these plants are not initially up to our usual standards, they are being sold 'as is' and are exempt from our standard refund and return policy. Your commitment to their recovery is truly appreciated, and we look forward to witnessing the transformation together.