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Hanging & Trailing

This collection is for our plant stylists and decorators! Containing plants from all different families and requiring varying levels of attention, be sure to read their individual descriptions before you buy! But whether it’s a trailing succulent or vining philodendron, these are the plants you need to establish that ‘jungle vibe’ for your space. They’re also a green twist on traditional curtains if you’ve got a sunny window. We love this collection for it’s fast growth and propagation potential, as well as the sheer variety of ‘Hanging & Trailing’ plants out there!


Signature Stone Hanging Planter Pot - 10" - Ed's Plant Shop

Bendable & Stackable Coco Coir Pole for Plant Support - Ed's Plant Shop

Ed's Spanish Moss - Ed's Plant Shop

Hemp Circle Trellis Support - Ed's Plant Shop

Sphagnum Moss - Ed's Plant Shop
Sphagnum Moss
From €10,95

Support Set for shingling or climbing plants - Ed's Plant Shop

Plvnt Pole Set For Climbing Houseplants - Ed's Plant Shop

LITF Stackable Plant Support Pole- White - Ed's Plant Shop

Metal Crescent Moon Trellis - Ed's Plant Shop

Metal Moon Phase Trellis - Ed's Plant Shop

Moisture Guard Plant Poles - Ed's Plant Shop

Signature Stone Hanging Planter Pot 8" - Ed's Plant Shop
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