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Unveiling Our Top Five Rare Houseplants of 2023: Adding Extraordinary Beauty to Your Indoor Oasis - Ed's Plant Shop

Unveiling Our Top Five Rare Houseplants of 2023: Adding Extraordinary Beauty to Your Indoor Oasis

Step into the world of rare houseplants at Ed's Plant Shop (the best plant shop in New York!) and unlock the secret to creating a truly unique and captivating indoor oasis. As plant enthusiasts, we're always on the lookout for the extraordinary, and 2023 has brought us a stunning array of rare and coveted specimens. In this blog post, we present to you the top five rare houseplants of 2023 that will elevate your plant collection to new heights. From mesmerizing foliage to captivating blooms, these exceptional plants are sure to leave you in awe and spark a sense of wonder.

Let's dive in and discover the botanical treasures that await!


Ficus 'Shiveriana'

Looking for a unique houseplant that's easy to care for and adds a touch of natural elegance to your home decor? Look no further than Ficus Shiveriana! With its stunning variegated leaves and hardy nature, this tropical plant is the perfect choice for any plant lover. At the best plant shop in New York, Ed's Plant Shop tries to have these in stock year round. 

The Ficus Shiveriana, also known as the Variegated Ficus, features deep green leaves with white veins that give it a truly eye-catching appearance. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for smaller spaces, and it can be grown in a variety of indoor environments, from bright, sunny windows to low-light corners.

Begonia 'Iron Cross' and 'Miss Mummy'
Introducing the enchanting Miss Mummy Begonia – a begonia variety that captivates with its mesmerizing foliage and adds a touch of elegance to any indoor space. With its striking coloration and unique leaf patterns, this plant is a true gem for plant enthusiasts and collectors. At the best plant shop in New York, Ed's Plant shop carries not only this rare variety, but others such as 'Iron Cross', Polka Dot, and Kismet!

The Miss Mummy Begonia, scientifically known as Begonia 'Miss Mummy,' features vibrant, serrated leaves that showcase a captivating blend of deep green, silver, and hints of purple. The contrasting colors and intricate patterns make it a stunning focal point in any room or plant display.
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Pothos 'Pearls And Jade'
The Epipremnum Aureum 'Pearls and Jade' plant is another member of the Pothos family, but smaller than most other varieties of Pothos. This plant is easy to care for and great for beginners. It features variegated white-edged, gray-green leaves streaked with cream, white, and gray.
This plant thrives in medium to bright, indirect light, but can tolerate any lighting conditions. This plant is very easy to propagate, making it a great houseplant to share with family and friends. At Ed's Plant Shop, the best plant shop in New York, we carry not only the 'Pearls and Jade', but a vast variety of rare Pothos!
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Raven ZZ Plant
A new and rare variety (and one of the most aptly named plants we’ve ever seen), the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia 'Raven ZZ' has the same qualities as it's popular sibling, the ZZ Plant -- yet with a wild twist; It's characterized by thick, glossy leaves that start out green and turn purple-black with maturity.
This is definitely a plant that will be a conversation starter in your collection and leave people asking- is that real?? Oh yes, at the best plant shop in New York, you can some see it in person! Let it stand alone or group it with your other goth plants and it will do the rest! If black isn't your color, we do offer other ZZ plant varieties as well!
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Silver Hero Scindapsus
Scindapsus pictus 'Silver Hero' is a new hero plant of our shop, and we can't stop staring at it here at the best plant shop in New York. The foliage of the 'Silver Hero' has a fabulous shimmer of silver, that reminds us of the glaze on a fabulous donut. Give the 'Silver Hero' a trellis or moss pole to climb up and it will reach skyward indefinitely. As the foliage of the 'Silver Hero' mature, the depth of the silver foliage becomes richer and more pronounced.
Scindapsus 'Silver Hero' is just one of this captivating family of rare-ish plants. With their heart-shaped leaves and cascading vines, they bring a touch of natural beauty to any space. These low-maintenance plants are not only visually appealing but also known for their air-purifying qualities, making them perfect for improving indoor air quality. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned plant enthusiast, Scindapsus are a versatile and rewarding addition to your plant collection.
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Discover the extraordinary world of rare houseplants at the best plant shop in New York (Ed's Plant Shop, of course). Our blog unveils the top five rare houseplants of the year, showcasing their captivating beauty and unique features. From the captivating coloration of the Raven ZZ plant to the enchanting variegation of the 'Pearls And Jade' Pothos, these rare specimens will transform your indoor space into a botanical paradise. Explore our curated selection and bring home these remarkable plants to elevate your plant collection to new heights.

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