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Plant Food & Fertilizers

Grow Concentrate- Organic Plant Food- Fertilizer - Ed's Plant Shop

Instant Plant Food (2 Tablets) - Ed's Plant Shop

Neem Oil 16oz - Ed's Plant Shop

Pouch of Organic Fertilizer Powder- 1 Gram - Ed's Plant Shop

Enrich Powder- Houseplant Fertilizer - Ed's Plant Shop

Organic Orchid Plant Food 1.7 fl. oz. - Ed's Plant Shop
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Arber Organic Plant Food- 8oz - Ed's Plant Shop

Organic Plant Food- Cacti And Succulent 1.7 fl. oz - Ed's Plant Shop

Arber Soil & Root Food with Mycorrhizae 4oz - Ed's Plant Shop

Orchid Care Essential Kit- Fertilizer & Spray - Ed's Plant Shop

Arber Organic Bio Protectant/Disease Control- 8oz - Ed's Plant Shop

Plant Food - Vegetable garden 1.7fl. oz - Ed's Plant Shop

Protect Spray with Neem- Leaf protector & Shine Spray - Ed's Plant Shop
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Arber Organic Bio Insecticide- 8oz - Ed's Plant Shop
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Arber Organic Bio Fungicide- 8oz - Ed's Plant Shop
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Explore our exclusive collection of houseplant fertilizers designed to nourish and revitalize your indoor oasis. Our nutrient-rich formulas cater to the unique needs of houseplants, promoting healthy growth and vibrant foliage. From slow-release pellets to liquid concentrates, our selection offers a variety of options to suit your plant care routine. Elevate your indoor gardening experience and watch your plants thrive with our premium houseplant fertilizers.