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One-time At-Home Consultations

Ed's Plant Shop Offers One-time At-Home Consultations

Our one-time at-home consultations offer personalized advice and recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're seeking guidance on garden design, plant care techniques, or landscape planning, our experts provide detailed insights during on-site visits. We assess your space and discuss ideas to enhance aesthetics and functionality, offering practical solutions for optimal plant placement, maintenance strategies, and aesthetic considerations. Benefit from our expertise to transform your space into a thriving, beautiful environment with a single, focused consultation session..

What we do:

👩‍🏭On-site consultations for garden design, plant care advice, or landscape planning; One-time fee of $150 for a one-hour consultion with each additional hour $75
👩‍🏭Garden Design Advice: Personalized recommendations for optimizing garden layout and aesthetics.
👩‍🏭Plant Care Guidance: Expert advice on caring for specific plants, including watering, pruning, and fertilization.
👩‍🏭Landscape Planning: Discussions on enhancing outdoor spaces through strategic plant placement and hardscaping elements.
👩‍🏭Aesthetic Considerations: Suggestions for improving visual appeal and creating harmonious plant arrangements.
👩‍🏭Space Assessment: Evaluation of environmental factors like lighting and soil conditions to determine ideal plant selections.
👩‍🏭Maintenance Strategies: Tailored plans for ongoing plant care, including seasonal tasks and pest management tips.
👩‍🏭Consultation Report: Summary of recommendations and actionable steps discussed during the consultation.


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