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Interior Foliage Design and Installation

Ed's Plant Shop Offers Interior Foliage Design and Installation!

Our interior foliage design services encompass creating and arranging indoor plants to elevate aesthetics and air quality. We specialize in designing green walls for decorative or functional purposes and provide advice and installation for various indoor greenery solutions like potted plants and terrariums. Our experts conduct lighting and environment analyses to optimize plant health and aesthetics, carefully selecting and sourcing plants based on client preferences and space considerations. We offer tailored maintenance plans to ensure plant longevity through watering, pruning, fertilization, and pest control, complemented by on-site consultations to discuss design ideas and provide expert advice on plant care and placement.

What we do:

🎨Interior Plant Arrangements: Designing and arranging indoor plants to enhance the aesthetic and air quality of indoor spaces.

🎨Green Walls (Vertical Gardens): Designing and installing vertical gardens using plants mounted on structures or walls, often for decorative or functional purposes.

🎨Indoor Gr
eenery Solutions: Providing advice and installation services for various indoor greenery solutions, including potted plants, terrariums, and indoor gardens.

🎨Lighting and Environment Analysis: Assessing indoor lighting conditions and environmental factors to determine suitable plants and optimal placement for growth and aesthetics.

🎨Plant Selection and Procurement: Selecting appropriate plant species based on client preferences, space constraints, and environmental conditions, and procuring high-quality plants from trusted sources.

🎨Maintenance Plans: Developing customized maintenance plans to ensure the health and longevity of indoor plants, including watering schedules, pruning, fertilization, and pest control

🎨Consultations: Providing on-site consultations to discuss design ideas, assess space requirements, and offer expert advice on plant care, placement, and aesthetic considerations.

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