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Plant Maintenance Monthly Service Contract

Ed's Plant Shop Offers Plant Maintenance Monthly Service Contract

Our plant maintenance services include tailored watering schedules to ensure each plant receives proper hydration, along with pruning and trimming to maintain optimal appearance. We also provide cleaning and dusting of leaves and containers to prevent dust accumulation and pest issues. Fertilization is applied to promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage, with ongoing pest and disease management to safeguard plant health. We rotate plants for even growth and repot them as necessary for root health. Our consultations offer continuous advice on plant care, and we guarantee plant replacement in cases of unexpected decline or loss, subject to terms.

What we do:

­čî┐Watering: Regular watering schedules tailored to the needs of each plant species to ensure proper hydration.
­čî┐Pruning and Trimming: S
haping and maintaining the appearance of plants through selective trimming and pruning.
­čî┐Cleaning and Dusting:
Wiping down leaves and cleaning plant containers to keep them free from dust and pests.
Application of appropriate fertilizers to promote healthy growth and vibrant foliage.
­čî┐Pest and Disease Management:
Monitoring for pests and diseases, and implementing necessary treatments to maintain plant health.
­čî┐Rotation and Repotting:
Rotating plants to ensure even growth and repotting as needed to accommodate root growth.
On-going advice and recommendations for plant care and maintenance.
­čî┐Replacement Guarantee:
Guarantee for plant replacement in case of unexpected decline or loss (terms apply).


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