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Best Plants For the Office

The last thing you need to be worried about in the middle of a busy work day is if anyone remembered to water the plants! These plants will help you create a warm, earthy environment in your workspace without taking too much of your valuable time. Some of them have the benefit of being able to survive in pure fluorescent lighting and all of them will be sure to add a little peace to your productivity! And if you’re so busy that even picking the plants is out of the question, we can help you with that too- just ask us about our plant curation and styling services for your home or business!


Soltech Solutions- Grove LED Grow Light - Ed's Plant Shop

Soil Moisture Meter - Ed's Plant Shop

Spiral Lined Notebook - Tropical Plants - Ed's Plant Shop
Save 68%

Dried Flower Bundle: Orange Bunny Tail - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Pink Bunny Tail - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Yellow Strawflower - Ed's Plant Shop

Dried Flower Bundle: Thistle - Ed's Plant Shop

Modern Pendant and Socket- Black - Ed's Plant Shop

Loop Hanging Planter - Ed's Plant Shop

Bamboo Smart Hydroplanter - Ed's Plant Shop