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Scindapsus Species ID Chart - Botanical Houseplant Art Print - Ed's Plant Shop

Discover the allure of Scindapsus plants at our houseplant haven. Scindapsus, closely related to pothos and philodendron, offers versatility as climbing vines or trailing wonders in hanging baskets. With heart-shaped leaves, these plants often boast a silvery overlay, earning them names like silver pothos or satin pothos. Native to the tropical Southeast Asia, they add elegance to any space and can climb or trail over 6 feet with proper care.

Scindapsus Growing Instructions:

Light Needs: Thriving in medium to bright, indirect light, Scindapsus casts a captivating shadow. Enhance natural light with artificial options for optimal growth.

Water Needs: Avoid overwatering; let the top inches of the potting mix dry before rewatering. Larger pots require the top third to half to dry. When in doubt, wait.

Humidity Needs: Common Scindapsus varieties prefer average to high humidity. Combat dry air with nearby houseplants or a humidifier to maintain lush foliage.

Fertilizer Needs: Encourage robust growth with houseplant-formulated fertilizer during the warm months. Follow package directions for application frequency, using a balanced approach for optimal results.

Pruning Tips: While pruning isn't essential, trim if growth becomes unruly. Pinch off the top inches of a stem to stimulate side shoots, achieving a fuller, vibrant plant.