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Parker Planter Pot - Vintage White Speckle


Introducing the Parker Pot in Vintage White Speckle. A delightful addition to elevate your botanical haven! With its sleek design and white satin glaze, this pot is the perfect marriage of style and functionality. The straight sides of the Parker Pot provide a contemporary flair, while the speckled finish adds a touch of uniqueness to your space. The soft white shade complements any plant, turning it into a focal point of your home or office.

Available in two sizes to accommodate various plants, the Parker Pot ensures you find the perfect fit.


  • 4.5" dimensions | 2.5" diameter x 4.75" high | fits 4" grow pot
  • 6.75" dimensions | 6.75" diameter x 6.5" high | fits 6" grow pot
  • Satin glaze speckled finish
  • Includes drainage hole with plug