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Upcycled Signature Stone Planter Pot & Saucer 12 Inch


We have run out of stock for this item.

Introducing our Upcycled Signature Stone Planter Pot & Saucer. Crafted with care, each planter boasts a natural stone finish, mimicking the allure of concrete without the weight. These planters are spacious, ideal for accommodating larger houseplants in their maturity. Made from recycled plastics, these planters redefine sustainability by incorporating natural stone and wood materials into a unique green composite. Every piece is hand-finished, ensuring individual character and distinctive details.

Designed for versatility, our planters feature essential elements like drainage holes with plugs, enabling hassle-free maintenance for both indoor and outdoor use. They're frost-proof, enduring temperatures from -50°C to 100°C, guaranteeing longevity in any climate.


  • 12" Planter: 12.75in W x 11.4in H (12in Opening Diameter / 11in Bottom Diameter) 
  • *Plant and stand not Included*