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Anthurium Andraeanum Premium


The Anthurium Andraeanum is a common, colorful house plant that is easy to grow and care for. This plant features glossy, spade-like leaves and lustrous "flowers" that have a waxy texture and appearance and come in countless colors and cultivars. These iconic "flowers" are often cut and used in floral arrangements and are some of the few flower-like plants that are able to be enjoyed all year. This makes them great for people who may enjoy fresh cut flowers, but are a bit nervous to take care of something that will stick around for awhile! We have a few different colors available, so be sure to check the photos and drop-down menu so you don’t miss anything!

This plant prefers bright, indirect light as too much harsh sun will burn it, and it likes to be watered when the top inch of soil is dry. If you can give it higher humidity this tropical plant will surely appreciate it but they seem to be a hardy group that can grow in a variety of conditions so feel free to experiment with having it in different areas of your home to see what works best!

Ed's Plant Profile

  • Botanical Name: Anthurium Andraeanum
  • Common Name:  Flamingo Flower, Tail Flower, Painted Tongue Plant, Painter’s Palette 
  • Family: Araceae 
  • Native Range: Colombia, Ecuador

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care: Moderate
  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect light
  • Water: Water infrequently but thoroughly once the top inch of soil is dry
  • Humidity:  High humidity. Maintaining a humidity level of around 80 percent is preferred.
  • Temperature:  65-90F. Avoid cold drafts.
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves.
  • Feeding: Fertilize every other month during spring and fall
  • Propagation: Division, Stem Cuttings
  • Growth: Upright
  • Common Pests:  Generally resistant to pests. Can become subject to spider mites, mealy bugs and scale insects
  • Toxicity: Toxic to humans and pets