Welcome to Ed's Plant Shop, your one-stop source for healthy and uncommon house plants. At Ed's, we're dedicated to providing the beginner and enthusiast alike with small batches of high quality plants that we hand select from across the US. Whether your thumb is green or black, we are sure to have a plant for you!


Unique Selection

We stock a wide range of indoor foliage and hand pick and pamper every plant that passes through our shop. Whether your thumb is green or black, we are sure to have a plant for you! We only list plants for sale that meet our high standard and that we would be proud to display in our own homes. New varieties grown in the United States are added each week, so check back often and don't miss out!

Plant Delivery

We offer a range of professional plant delivery services at checkout:

Local Pickup in Brooklyn NYC
Local Curbside Delivery in NYC
Nationwide Shipping

Plant Design & Curation

If you're looking to spruce up your home or business, we have you covered! No job is too small or large. From your bedroom or living room to a corporate office, we can select the best plants to meet your requirements and budget. Contact us for a free design consultation


    Eddie C, Owner

    I'm a dedicated plant dad, self-taught enthusiast, and a born and raised Brooklynite. I grew up in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn and spent much of my time hanging out on the stoop of my house there. The stoop had my grandmother's Tradescantia that I vividly remember her taking great care of. Aside from that, we did not have many plants in my apartment growing up and it was not until I got older that my passion for plants was inspired.

    One of my first jobs was off Craigslist performing data entry for a local retailer turned ecommerce store. It was there I developed a passion for retail and the desire to open my own store one day. After years of hard work, I became a retail buyer and moved into my first apartment in Borough Park. I used what little money I had left at the end of each month to furnish it with plants, buying them at local delis and hardware stores. Unfortunately, most would die within a few weeks or never looked as good as the day I took them home. And, as with everything I'm passionate about or want to save money on, I began learning everything I could about plants and how to keep them happy in a NYC apartment. After a decade of collecting plants, I developed a large collection and caring for them became my favorite hobby. I found myself offering advice on plant care to friends, local businesses and fellow enthusiasts I met online. In 2020, I decided to open my own shop to curate a selection of healthy and high quality plants and make them accessible to everyone, from my friends, family, and neighbors in NYC to my fellow enthusiasts throughout the country. I look forward to sharing my passion of horticulture with all of you.


    Christine Casano

    I’m an art lover, horror movie nerd and Audrey Hepburn movie enthusiast. Born and raised in Brooklyn with my brother Eddie. I enjoy traveling as often as I can, watching true crime and photography. I’m proud to be partnering with my younger brother, helping him realize his vision for Ed’s Plant Shop.


    Sean He

    Dog Dad, part-time vegetarian, outdoor and nature make me happy.
    Planting in the sunshine with my dog snoring next to me is the best feeling in the whole world.
    Favorite plants are Jasmine and Fiddle leaf fig tree, don't have them in your house? Get them and thank me later!
    Come to the studio and let's talk about how to make your room, apartment, house and backyard an urban oasis.

    Nikki - Ed's Plant Shop

    Nikki Weed, Customer Support & Plant Expert

    Nikki has been playing in the dirt since she was old enough to crawl. Her first horticulture endeavor was when she was 6 and decided she wanted to run away from home because her mom didn't want her to plant corn in the front yard. From there, she was bitten by the plant bug. She has managed independent garden centers in both South Carolina and Illinois and currently resides in Arizona on her tiny little homestead. When she's not watering her plant babies and answering questions about plants, she enjoys road trips, travel, and anything that has cheese on it. Her favorite plant - pothos!