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About Ed's Plant Shop


Step into the world of Ed's Plant Shop, where we offer an unparalleled haven for indoor houseplant enthusiasts, seekers of rare and exotic flora, connoisseurs of exquisite pots and planters, and those on the hunt for delightful giftable items, and beyond! At Ed's, our passion lies in meticulously selecting small, high-quality product batches, each personally handpicked to cater to both beginners and seasoned plant aficionados alike. Whether your green thumb leans towards the subtle hues of nature or delves into the depths of the botanical world, rest assured, you'll discover the perfect plant to match your taste and expertise right here at Ed's!

Raven ZZ Plant - Ed's Plant Shop


Curated Foliage

At Ed's Plant Shop, we take pride in offering a meticulously curated selection of foliage plants. Each plant that graces our shop is hand-picked and nurtured to perfection. Whether your thumb is naturally green or leans towards the darker side, you're sure to find a plant that suits your taste and skill level. We hold our plants to the highest standards, listing only those we would proudly showcase in our own homes. Keep an eye out for our regularly updated inventory, featuring new varieties grown right here in the United States. Don't miss your chance to explore our ever-evolving collection.

Plant Delivery Services NYC

We've made getting your dream plants into your home or office a breeze with our range of professional plant delivery services. Choose from the following options during checkout:

  • Plant Delivery in NYC: Enjoy the convenience of having your plants delivered right to your doorstep within New York City. Our service areas include Williamsburg, Bushwick, East Williamsburg, Ridgewood, Sunnyside, Park Slope, Crown Heights & More.

  • Nationwide Shipping: No matter where you are in the United States, our plants can reach you through our reliable nationwide shipping service.

  • Shop Plants in Brooklyn, NYC: For our neighbors in Brooklyn, you can swing by and collect your plants directly from our plant studio located in East Williamsburg. While you're at our studio, behold our gorgeous variety of plants & accessories!

Foliage Design & Curation

Elevate your living or workspace with our indoor foliage design and curation service. We're here to transform your environment, no matter the scale of your project. Whether it's your cozy bedroom, welcoming living room, retail store, or corporate office space, our expert team will carefully select the perfect plants to match your needs and budget. Contact Us today for a design consultation and let us bring lush greenery into your life in a way that suits your style and budget.



I'm a passionate plant lover and proud Brooklyn native. Growing up on the border of Bensonhurst and Borough Park, I spent my days exploring Brooklyn's streets on my bike and admiring my grandmother's well-cared-for Tradescantia on our stoop. While my childhood apartment had few plants, my plant passion flourished as I got older.

My career began with a Craigslist job doing data entry for a local retailer turned e-commerce store. This ignited my passion for retail and the dream of opening my own shop. After years of hard work, I became a retail buyer and moved into my first apartment in Borough Park. I used what little money I had left at the end of the month to fill it with plants from local delis and hardware stores, though many didn't thrive.

After a decade of collecting houseplants and many jobs later, I developed a large collection and caring for them became my favorite hobby. I found myself offering advice on plant care to friends, local businesses and fellow enthusiasts I met online.

In 2020, I decided to open my own shop to curate a selection of healthy high quality plants and make them accessible to everyone, from my friends, family, and neighbors in NYC to my fellow enthusiasts throughout the country. I look forward to the opportunity to share my love for horticulture with all of you.


I’m an art lover, horror movie nerd and Audrey Hepburn movie enthusiast. Born and raised in Brooklyn with my brother Eddie. I enjoy traveling as often as I can, watching true crime and photography. I’m proud to be partnering with my younger brother, helping him realize his vision for Ed’s Plant Shop.

Nikki - Ed's Plant Shop

Nikki WeedCustomer Support & Plant Expert

Nikki has been playing in the dirt since she was old enough to crawl. Her first horticulture endeavor was when she was 6 and decided she wanted to run away from home because her mom didn't want her to plant corn in the front yard. From there, she was bitten by the plant bug. She has managed independent garden centers in both South Carolina and Illinois and currently resides in Wisconsin. When she's not watering her plant babies and answering questions about plants, she enjoys road trips, travel, and anything that has cheese on it. Her favorite plant - pothos! 

Zoya, Operations

Born and raised in Brooklyn but now settled on Long Island, I proudly wear the hat of a mother to two lovely girls, a dog, a cat, and the curator of a vibrant outdoor garden. My connection with Ed runs deep, spanning over two decades of friendship, having grown up side by side. It's no surprise that we share a multitude of interests, particularly our shared passion for plants. Joining this team brings me immense joy, and together, we are poised to create plant magic!

Abigail, Horticulturist & Shopkeeper

Abigail Smith - Ed's Plant Shop

Born and raised in Flint Michigan, Abby spent most of their life outside of the city camping and hiking throughout Michigan and fell in love with all things plants. When not hiking through the forests, they spent hours gardening with their mom and sister. Throughout her career Abby has spent many years managing greenhouses as well as taking care of their own “indoor jungle”. With a bachelors in Botany we couldn’t ask for a more passionate and knowledgeable plant caretaker!


 Christine & Eddie

Eddie & Christine

58th Street, Brooklyn, NY