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Dracaena 'Rikki' - Rikki Dumbcane Floor Plant

10" Nursery Pot - Floor Plant

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Introducing the Dracaena Rikki, a captivating addition to any indoor oasis! With its vibrant green leaves edged in rich, golden hues, this plant exudes elegance and charm. Renowned for its resilience and adaptability, the Dracaena Rikki thrives in a variety of light conditions and is easy to care for, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced plant parents alike. Elevate your living or workspace with the timeless beauty of the Dracaena Rikki and enjoy its air-purifying benefits while adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.

*this plant is cut back to be compact

Ed's Plant Profile

  • Botanical Name: Dracaena 
  • Common Name: Rikki Draceaena, Rikki Dumbcane, Dumbcane
  • Family: Asparagus 
  • Native Range: Africa

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care Level: Easy 
  • Light: Low light, can experience leaf damage in full sun
  • Water: Keep soil moist
  • Humidity: Prefers high but can handle basic home humidity 
  • Temperature: 70-75F
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves and control growth.
  • Feeding: Apply a dose of a weak houseplant fertilizer or slow-release fertilizer once or twice a month during spring and summer. No need to fertilize in the fall or winter. 
  • Propagation: Stem cutting 
  • Growth: Up to 20 inches 
  • Pests: Look out for spider mites and mealybugs
  • Toxicity: Toxic to humans and pets