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Tulip Modern Concrete Planter -Midnight Blue 4 Inch

4-Inch Midnight Blue

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Introduce timeless elegance to your home with our 4-inch classic tulip-shaped concrete planter. This enduring piece is designed to bring lasting beauty and make a striking statement in any space. Crafted with precision in San Antonio, Texas, this planter combines a unique tulip shape with a touch of whimsy, providing an ideal haven for your greenery.

Made from durable and resilient concrete, this planter stands up to the elements, ensuring the safety and protection of your plants. The classic tulip shape, coupled with its distinctive design, adds charm to your home decor. Each planter is handmade, contributing to its individual character, with slight variations from the pictures. The colors – Midnight Blue, Purple Dunes, Moonlight Lace – offer a range of options to suit your personal style.

Key Features:

  • Handmade in San Antonio, Texas
  • Materials: Concrete, Pigment, Sealer
  • Dimensions: 4W x 4H inches
  • Drainage hole included
  • Available Colors: Midnight Blue, Purple Dunes, Moonlight Lace

Embrace the enduring allure of this classic tulip-shaped planter, where timeless beauty meets functional design. Please note that handmade variations and slight color differences contribute to the unique charm of each piece.