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Quench Aqua Meter: Smart Soil Hydration Monitor

166,00 kr

Take the guesswork out of plant care by using a Quench Aqua Meter! Quench is a smart little meter that constantly keeps track of your soil hydration and lets you know when your soil is too dry!

Optimal watering time... always
- Every Quench Plays a UNIQUE Tone
- Illuminates Red In Night Mode
- Batteries Last Years
- Smart Light Sensing
- Advanced Moisture Detection Algorithm
- Dry-Loving Plants: Insert Deeper
- Water-Loving Plants: Insert Shallower
- Corrosion Resistant, Metal Alloy Sensors

Our relationship with plants is harmonious when it works… but frustrating when it doesn’t. Remembering to water and knowing when not to can be a real challenge in today’s distracted world.

When getting it wrong leads to leaves dying, rotting roots, or losing a plant, the stakes are high. For many plant parents, these hard lessons have left us longing for a solution. This is what inspired us to snag these awesome meters for the shop.