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Philodendron squamiferum - Red Bristle Philodendron

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Introducing the Red Bristle Philodendron, a captivating and rare variety that commands attention with its striking foliage and unique charm. This Philodendron showcases deep green leaves, adorned with vibrant red bristles along their edges, creating a mesmerizing contrast and adding a touch of fiery allure to any indoor jungle. With its easy-care nature and stunning visual impact, this rare find is a must-have for plant enthusiasts seeking a bold and distinctive addition to their collection, elevating spaces with its eye-catching beauty.

Ed's Plant Profile

  • Botanical Name: Philodendron squamiferum
  • Common Name: Red Bristle Philodendron
  • Family: Araceae
  • Native Range: French Guiana

Ed's Care Guide

  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Light: Prefers bright indirect light
  • Water: Keep the soil evenly moist while actively growing, less in the winter  
  • Humidity: Appreciates humidity can yet tolerate average household humidity. In the dry months it may appreciate being placed next to a humidifier.
  • Temperature: 60-75F for optimal growth. Avoid cold drafts and heating or cooling vents.
  • Pruning: Prune as needed to remove brown or dead leaves and control growth
  • Feeding: Fertilize with an all-purpose liquid plant food during spring and summer. 
  • Propagation: Stem cuttings in water or soil, division 
  • Growth: Upright, sprawling 
  • Pests: Monitor for scale and spider mites 
  • Toxicity: Toxic to humans and pets